Boreal Forest

The Canadian boreal forest is an ancient and living forest that is a global treasure shaped by natural forces and stewarded by Indigenous Peoples. It serves as an important and stunning refuge for some of the world’s most iconic wildlife — like the wolverine, lynx, caribou and billions of migratory birds. It protects our global climate by storing tremendous amounts of carbon. And the Canadian boreal forest provides a wealth of social and cultural benefits. Canada is home to nearly a quarter of the world’s remaining intact forests. But with only 8 percent of the country’s forest land permanently protected, logging poses a major threat to the people and wildlife that call the forest home.

Major companies have adopted policies that restrict the purchase of products from the most destructive logging in Canada. But more is needed. We’re calling on all stakeholders and decision-makers — including provincial governments — to put proper conservation plans in place today for threatened species like the woodland caribou and for intact forests.

We envision a day when people, communities, industry and government can work in harmony, instead of in competition. A large network of protected areas that include the most intact and endangered stretches of forest is vital to preserving the health of Canada’s boreal forest. And strong implementation of conservation laws, including the Species At Risk Act, need to be the backbone of forest policy to ensure sustainable logging that supports local communities and First Nations can continue well into the future.

A giant logging corporation wants to sue Greenpeace out of existence

Logging is among the primary drivers of forest degradation across Canada, and one company hates that we are telling you about it.

Resolute Forest Products is one of the largest logging companies in Canada. Operating in Ontario and Quebec, Resolute manages and sources from some of the most ecologically valuable and vulnerable areas left in the boreal forest. Its operations threaten intact forests and iconic species like the threatened woodland caribou. Greenpeace and other environmental groups have denounced the company’s unwillingness to do even the “minimum” required by science to achieve meaningful conservation of the boreal forest.

But rather than face criticism, Resolute attacked Greenpeace shortly after we exposed operations that threaten precious wildlife and ancient forests.

Resolute’s absurd lawsuits — filed in the United States (2016) and Canada (2013) and together demanding more than $300 million Canadian dollars — are a well-funded and planned assault on Greenpeace with every intention to silence us. Click here to learn more about these lawsuits, their current status and how they pose a threat to free speech and democratic values. All legal documents and court filings can be found here.

But we’ll never stop speaking out for forests. We hope you won’t either.

After receiving criticism from Greenpeace for its irresponsible practices, Resolute Forest Products (Canada’s largest logging company) decided to sue Greenpeace Canada, and then years later also sue Greenpeace USA and Greenpeace International.