Nuclear-Free Vermont Tour

by Mike Gaworecki

March 31, 2009

Right now the people of Vermont have the unique opportunity to close down Entergys aging nuclear reactor, Vermont Yankee, and choose safe, clean renewable energy for their community instead. The Vermont legislature has given itself the authority to reject the relicensing of the reactor in 2012.

So last Saturday, the 30th anniversary of the meltdown at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant, we launched our Nuclear-Free Vermont Tour. The Rolling Sunlight, our solar-equipped, biodiesel-fueled truck, will be visiting farmers markets, universities, film screenings, and galleries across the state. The crew will be talking to Vermonters about the energy sources they want to use in their home state, as well as demonstrating the practical uses of solar energy by powering the sound systems at events, making treats like hot chocolate for the crowds, and other fun ways to utilize the energy generated by the Rolling Sunlight’s 256 square feet of solar panels.

Nuclear Free Vermont Tour

Read more about the Nuclear-Free Vermont Tour, and view a slideshow of images from the kickoff of the tour here. The tour has been covered in the local press, here and here. You can also read our nuclear expert’s blog on Huffington Post, “Remembering the Three Mile Island meltdown.”

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