To Stop Trump’s Dangerous Agenda, Our Resistance Must Be United

by Rachel Rye Butler

January 18, 2017

Trump doesn’t just threaten our environment — he threatens everything that millions of Americans are fighting for.

March Against Trump, New York City

Photo by Mathias Wasik / Flickr.

In just a few days, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States.

It’s a reality many of us have been struggling with since election night in November, one that brings with it very real fears about what a Trump presidency means for those most vulnerable to the hateful, divisive policies he campaigned on.

But as we approach Trump’s inauguration — as well as confirmation proceedings for his deplorable cabinet nominees like Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson — we must prepare ourselves to do everything we can to fight back. And to stand a chance against an administration as undemocratic and bigoted as Trump’s, our resistance will need to look and act differently than ever before.

Trump’s agenda represents an existential threat to the issues millions of Americans care most about.

Whether it’s climate change, racial justice, women’s rights, religious freedom, or countless other causes that people like you fight for every day, we cannot wait for Trump to make our worst fears about his presidency a reality. We must protect the progress we have made and continue to fight the battles we are yet to win — and the only way we’ll be successful is to be more united in our struggles than ever before.

That’s why Greenpeace is proud to help launch the United Resistance campaign, a movement of more than 50 organizations (and counting!) coming together to send one clear message: together we are stronger than Trump.

Our groups have come together because we know that if we work in isolation, we will not succeed. If we limit ourselves to what we think is possible rather than reaching for what must be done to defend our rights, we will fall short. And if we stand by while our allies suffer, it is already too late. Our struggles are interconnected, and our resistance will be too.

But this isn’t just a movement of organizations. It’s a movement of people — including some of the most influential voices in pop culture and activism — committed to standing up for one another over the next four years.

None of us should have to accept the bleak future for our country that Trump has laid out, where some lives are worth more than others and corporations control our government. So instead, we will offer our own vision. One in which social, economic, and environmental justice are placed above white supremacy, denial, and obstruction — and the voice of the people speaks louder than corporate greed.

Trump may be just days away from being sworn in as president, but he does not represent us. Together, we can set the tone for the next four years. If xenophobia, racism, misogyny, and climate denial are going to be the default positions of the Trump White House, then a united resistance will meet him every step of the way as we work to build a better future for all.

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Rachel Rye Butler

By Rachel Rye Butler

Rachel Rye Butler is a campaigner at Greenpeace USA

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