Canada’s logging giant uses $7 million lawsuit as attempt to silence Greenpeace Canada

by Richard Brooks

January 29, 2014

The battle for healthier forests is ongoing and the actions one can take are many, but every once in a while the need to act is more urgent than ever before. Many of you were part of the solidarity movement that helped release the Artic 30 from prison. We now need the same support as Greenpeace and two of its campaigners face a $7 million lawsuit for standing up for Canadas Boreal Forest. I am asking you to join me in taking a#StandForForests. I need you to act today. Let me tell you why. The $7 million lawsuit A few months back, Greenpeace, my fellow campaigner Shane Moffatt and I weresued for $7 millionby Canadas logging giant,Resolute Forest Products, for standing up to their reckless clear-cutting of Canadas Boreal Forest. This lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to silence the work weve been doing to expose the ugly truth about whats really happening in Canadas forests. Does Resolute think that by making it personal they can shut me up? Well, thats not going to happen. Everyone deserves to know what is happening in the forests of Canada. And Greenpeace needs to be able to continue to expose forest destruction.Thats why I am asking you to #StandForForests with me. Help protect this critical habitat and add your name to the Guardian Tree as a symbol of our shared resolve to protect Canadian forests. We will not be silent about Resolutes destructive practices Resolute Forest Products is the largest logging company in the country. Its reckless operations are destroying critical habitat for the endangered woodland caribou and many other species that call the forest home. Ive seen firsthand what Resolute is doing to the forest. In recent months, Greenpeace exposed Resolutes logging in Endangered Forests and their operations in First Nations traditional territories without consent. We showed how logging in the habitat of caribou threatens this species survival. It is for practices like these among others, thatResolute had three of its Forest Stewardship Council certificates for forest management, covering an area of 8 million hectares, suspended. Thats an area 127 times bigger than the city of Toronto. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is widely recognized as the highest global certification standard for forest management. Yet, despite all this it seems Resolute is unwilling to take the steps needed to create real solutions to protect these forests that scientists say must be protected. Resolute would rather try to silence their critics with an over the top lawsuit than take responsibility for protecting the forest.Theyd rather sue Greenpeace and me for $7 million. Im not afraid of Resolute. But the forest needs us. It needs you. This is bigand we are just getting started. Take action nowto protect this critical habitat. By signing the pledge you are adding your name to the Guardian Tree; aspecially commissioned art piece that will be presented to Resolute Forest Products as a symbol of our stand for forests.

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