Greenpeace activists have hung a banner on the roof of Finnish state-owned energy company Fortum headquarters this morning in Espoo, Finland. The activists demand Fortum and its subsidiary, the Germany-based Uniper to stop funding the Russian war machinery. There are eight activists at the peaceful demonstration. They have climbed onto the roof and the wall of the Fortum headquarters. They have also painted an anti-war message #StopFuellingWar on the helipad in front of the headquarters.

Fortum and its subsidiary Uniper still have large operations in Russia, making it one of Europe’s largest buyers of Russian gas. Uniper has also planned to agree to Russia’s demands that gas purchases should be paid into Gazprombank’s account in euros, after which they will be converted into rubles. This is in direct conflict with EU sanctions on Russia.

“It is outrageous that a Finnish state-owned company and its subsidiary try to water down trade sanctions and finance Russia’s devastating war in Ukraine. Fortum claims to be a responsible and green company, but funding the war for  fossil profits tells that the company has no decency”, says Olli Tiainen, Greenpeace Nordic climate and energy expert.

Yuliia Melnyk, the Executive Director of the Ukrainian environmental organization Ekoltava, is also in front of Fortum headquarters.

”Ukrainians can’t wait. Every day people die, become refugees or they lose someone close to them. Fortum is clearly not ready to work for saving Ukrainian people and country, so I ask the Finnish government: Why are you allowing a Finnish state owned company to fund Russia’s war?” Melnyk says.

According to a report released last week by CREA (Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air), Fossil fuels worth 44 billion euros have been imported from Russia into the EU since the war began. Through Uniper, Fortum has a significant role in creating economic benefits for Russia. Greenpeace demands that Finland immediately bans the import of fossil fuels from Russia and phases out all fossil fuels faster than at present.

Pictures for media can be downloaded here.

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Juuso Janhunen, spokesperson
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Yuliia Melnyk, Executive Director, Ekoltava
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