Exposed: 3M Sourcing From Forest Destruction

by Amy Moas

April 29, 2014

Greenpeace joins ForestEthics to demand that 3M immediately stops sourcing pulp and paper from forest destroyers. 3M needs a comprehensive paper policy that will ensure it only buys from responsible sources.

Plantations around Riau, owned by the two giant pulp and paper producers, Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Ltd. (APRIL) and Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). In order to accommodate this industrial activity the natural peat and boggy environment is cleared, creating the perfect environment for fires. The forest fires in Sumatra, Indonesia, have now become an annual phenomenon, thanks to the effects of unsustainable logging. They cause a thick smog-like haze over the entire region, threatening the health of millions of people and contributing to the problem of climate change.

© Greenpeace / Vinai Dithajohn

Greenpeace is working hard every day to end deforestation worldwide. But we cannot do it alone. We rely on Greenpeace supporters like you to do your part. And we are proud to stand with other organizations that are also doing great work to save our forests. Today, Greenpeace stands next our ally, ForestEthics, a nonprofit organization committed to protecting Endangered Forests, wildlife, and human well-being.

Last week, ForestEthics released a report and series of graphics exposing the links one American company has to forest destruction around the world.

With such ubiquitous products as the Post-It Notes, Scotch Tape and Scotch Brite sponges, many of you will have already used at least one 3M product today; the exact same products that have been found to be made from rampant deforestation.

Greenpeace is joining ForestEthics today to demand that 3M immediately stops sourcing pulp and paper from forest destroyers. 3M needs a comprehensive paper policy that will ensure it only buys from responsible sources.

Infographic Atlas of Atrocities3M is even sourcing from a sister company to one of the worst rainforest destroyers– Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL). 3M is supporting APRIL and its parent company Royal Golden Eagle as it actively destroys the Indonesian rainforest every day to make paper.

Many of you will have seen the recent news that Asia Pulp & Paper built upon its breakthrough Forest Conservation Policy announced in 2013 by committing to restore and conserve almost 2.5 million acres of Indonesian rainforest. While this is happening, the APRIL Group of pulp & paper companies continues to destroy Indonesias rainforests. APRIL refuses to stop cutting down some of the last remaining strands of natural rainforest home of the Sumatran tiger and orangutan until at least 2020.

Infographic 3M opening logoInfographic APRIL

3M prides itself on innovation. Yet it has refused to stop its archaic sourcing from rainforest destroyers. ForestEthics has called on 3M to stop this madness with petitions, banners, and meetings. Today Greenpeace stands with ForestEthics as it again exposes the truth behind this American company. Surely there is a better way to source pulp and paper than destroying endangered forests in Canada, clear-cutting National Forests in the US, and supporting the annihilation of Indonesias rainforests..

Infographic boreal Infographic caribou Infographic illegal content Infographic US Clearcuts

Do your part and send a message to 3M that you do not want deforestation in your favorite office and home products.

Amy Moas

By Amy Moas

Amy Moas, Ph.D. is a senior forest campaigner for Greenpeace based in Las Vegas. She focuses on combating the drivers of deforestation around the world including palm oil, pulp and paper, and illegal logging.

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