Extremists Put a Bulls-eye On My Friends Lesley and George

by Rolf Skar

February 27, 2014

The news was shocking: far-right fanatics had declared open season on my friends Lesley and George, distributing a wanted poster with Georges photo and address.

They threatened violence and said they had been to George and Lesleys home, where they live with their baby boy.

Who are these people?

They are a loose-knit group of radical miners in Southwest Oregon who believe violence and intimidation are acceptable in 21st century America.

Why would anyone do this to a married couple and their child?

Apparently, George and Lesley are guilty of being conservation advocates. Before I came to Greenpeace, I worked alongside them for years to protect clean water, salmon rivers, and wild, public lands. We made lots of friends and some enemies while debating and advocating for our positions. That often comes with the territory. After all, vigorous debate and disagreements all within the rule of law are part of what makes our democracy work.

But once things come to threats of violence, democratic debate ceases to be about the issues.

It doesnt matter what side youre on,we all have to stand up against violence. In addition to destroying families, unchecked threats of violence to achieve political ends can tear at the fabric of our communities, our democracy, and our country.

Please, for the sake of Lesley, George, their baby son and our nation, join me in signing and sharing this petition. Stand with me, Lesley, George, and their family against dangerous extremism.

Together well make sure that law enforcement, elected officials, and the media dont turn a blind eye to violent extremists. Together well show these radicals that America is better than that.


Rolf Skar

By Rolf Skar

Rolf Skar is the Campaigns Director at Greenpeace USA. Since 2007, Rolf has contributed to international Greenpeace campaigns to stop deforestation in the Canadian boreal forest, the Paradise forests of Southeast Asia, and the Brazilian Amazon.

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