Pulp, Paper and Disposable Packaging

Unsustainable pulp and paper operations continue to drive tremendous impact on our world’s forests.

From tissue to office paper, catalog paper and packaging, the pulp and paper industry uses a significant amount of all industrial wood globally. The logging of so many trees for the pulp and paper industry can have devastating impacts on our world’s forests and our climate.

The pulp and paper industry has ravaged tropical rainforests, degraded old growth and intact forests, spurred social conflict, harmed endangered and threatened species, and driven the rise of plantations replacing our natural forests. The United States continues to be one of the largest consumers of paper products in the world, including from these destructive operations.

But you can help. Consumers in the United States can help drive responsible forestry with your paper choice. Recycled content and certification by the Forest Stewardship Council can indicate a better choice. However, the rise in e-commerce and the switch from plastic to disposable paper-based packaging has sparked unsustainable growth of the pulp and paper industry. A true reduction in the overall use of disposable packaging and paper is urgently needed to protect the world’s forest and our climate.

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