KFC’s Dip’em sauces aren’t just for fried chicken. VOTE for which sauce you’d like to see the Colonel dipped in

by Daniela Montalto

November 7, 2012

And the winner is…

Think voting is over? Not so fast! Another big day is coming up on November 15th. Its the live The Big Dipim when KFCs Colonel Sanders will be plunged into a giant bucket of his own sauce. Which finger-licking condiment will it be? Thats where you come in. You get to choose which signature sauce we dunk the Colonel in. Help us give KFC a saucy wake-up call. Let them know its time to drop rainforest destruction off the menu and give animals like the last 400 Sumatran tigers a shot at survival.

In May, Greenpeace launched a global campaign asking KFC to cut forest destruction out of their products. The good news is, KFC and parent company Yum! brands has finally acknowledged the problem. And, KFC affiliates have started to address this in markets like the United Kingdom and Indonesia. But when it comes to rainforest destruction, acceptance is only the first step. Yum! needs a global policy to give deforestation the boot once and for all.

This is why we are dippin the Colonel in his own sauce. KFC has to take the plunge and cut ties with rainforest destroyers like Asia Pulp & Paper.

The only question that remains is which sauce will it be? Honey mustard? What about the new Creamy Buffalo sauce? Or should it be Barbeque?

Its up to you. Vote now to help us make a splash! And mark your calendar — you wont want to miss the live Big Dipim dunk! RSVP now!

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