Mount Royal Cross transformed into scales of justice: Greenpeace protests the reckless destruction of Canadas Boreal Forest

by Guest Blogger

March 18, 2014

The Mount Royal cross is a landmark in Montreal, where it stands at the pinnacle of Mt. Royal, overlooking the city.

Today, ten Greenpeace activists and a group of volunteers transformed the iconic cross into immense scales of justice. Two giant scales were suspended from the arms of the cross: the heavy side with Resolutes logo, and on the lighter side, trees representing the forest and the communities and wildlife that depend on it. On the vertical section of the cross, a 12 meter banner asks the question: Justice?

Today were seeking to restore a healthy balance in the Boreal by standing up for the future of the forest and against Resolutes destructive logging practices, said Nicolas Mainville, Quebec director for Greenpeace Canada. Resoluteis responsible for logging in First Nations territory without consent and destroying critical caribou habitat..

In the Montagnes Blanches Endangered Forest in Quebec, Resolute is operating in First Nations traditional territory without consent. In both Quebec and Ontario, despite scientific recommendations, the company uses trees from the habitat of threatened woodland caribou herds. A growing number of major forest conservation organizations have suspended work with Resolute because of its unwillingness to do even the minimum required by science in terms of conservation.

In January, due to these types of destructive practices, Resolutelost three of its Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificates, covering an area 127 times larger than the city of Toronto. The FSC is a key component of the marketing of the companys pulp, paper and lumber products.

We,with over 50,000 people, are asking Resolute to take a different approach – to work with Greenpeace towards solutions that benefit communities, workers and wildlife and appeal to the growing market demand for green products, said Mainville. Its time for Canadas largest forest company to become a responsible leader in the production of sustainable paper and lumber products.

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