Greenpeace USA Response to the State of the Union Address

by Valentina Stackl

March 1, 2022

In response to President Biden's State of the Union address, Annie Leonard, co-executive director Greenpeace USA, said:

“Bottom line: Fossil fueled billionaires and our government’s failure to transition off oil and gas have left us reliant on governments who do not respect democracy and on technologies that are killing our planet. 

“The history of oil is war. It is clearer than ever that a more peaceful, safe, and liveable future depends on breaking our addiction to volatile and conflict-driven fossil fuels. Continuing to rely on multi-national fossil fuel companies that care more about their profits than our safety only exacerbates the cycle of death and destruction. 

“After enduring rising gas prices, a worsening climate crisis, and now socio-political fears, our leaders need to protect American families from the fossil fuel billionaires who are hellbent on pulling us down with them. 

“Companies like Exxon and Shell made billions in profits last quarter, but oil companies aren’t using their profits to rehire workers or reduce prices for families. Instead, they’re padding the pockets of wealthy shareholders and CEOs. Continuing to rely on these multi-national fossil fuel companies that care more about their profits than everyday people only worsens the cycle of exploitation. The answer to high gas prices is clean energy: that reduces demand and gets more people in a position where they never have to pay for oil and gas again. 

“Ramping up renewable energy ambition is President Biden’s chance to ensure energy security, economic security, and national security. The time for change is now.” 


Contact: Valentina Stackl, Greenpeace USA,  [email protected], (734) 276 6260

Valentina Stackl

By Valentina Stackl

Valentina Stackl is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural communications specialist and storyteller. As Senior Communications Officer, Valentina works on Democracy (including criminalization of protest) and Climate for media, storytelling, and other communications projects.

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