Sunshine State Convergence on the New Rainbow Warrior

by Anna Wagner

February 23, 2012

Volunteers on the new Rainbow Warrior

Volunteers on the new Rainbow Warrior in Fort Lauderdale

Have you ever dreamt of riding a Greenpeace zodiac out into the sunset?

This weekend, 25 lucky South Florida Greenpeace activists got the chance to do just that.

Four Greenpeace volunteer Community Coordinators, Tracy, Nick, Sara and Kat (a Greenpeace Semester Alum), put together a phenomenal training on board Greenpeaces new eco-campaigning ship the Rainbow Warrior. They were some of the very first Floridians to board the custom-built ship, and the first to receive onboard grassroots organizing training.

They got the chance to ride the famous Greenpeace speedboats out to visit Greenpeaces new flagship, then received training on how to tell a compelling story to engage other volunteers, get media coverage at their events, and organize a houseparty to support the Greenpeace Paradise Forests campaign. They met the crew, learned about the environmental design of the custom-built ship, chatted up coal campaigners, and ate lunch on the helipad.

Today I got to learn all about Greenpeace and how I can get people involved, said Kelsey from Boynton Beach, FL. I’m excited to know other activists in the area I can work with to put the most effort towards the Greenpeace initiatives in this area.

“I enjoyed the day immensely, and I’m so grateful to Greenpeace for giving me this opportunity,” said Dora from Pompano Beach, FL.

One long-time Greenpeace supporter, Linda from Miami had made a donation to support the construction of the ship in memoriam of a family member who had passed away. She brought her Certificate of Ownership on board, and was able to see the equipment on the ship that her donation had supported. Linda said of her experience meeting Greenpeace staff, everybody’s really nice, sweet, caring, compassionate, and it’s been a wonderful experience.

The activists will return to their communities equipped with the training and tools necessary to activate their friends, family, churches, and co-workers to stand up for the Sumatran Tiger and the Paradise Rainforest.

“We learned how to motivate people to be active and take on all of these environmental problems we’re facing,” said Chandler from Tampa.

What happened for my advocacy on Saturday was very special, said Stuart from Ft. Lauderdale. How many times have I read about the Rainbow Warrior? Now, Ive been there. When Im needed, I won’t let Greenpeace down.

By Anna Wagner

Anna Wagner is a senior national organizer with Greenpeace USA.

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