Tell Olivia Palermo that Vitamina destroys forests in Argentina!

by Meena Hussein

April 11, 2014

opalermoYou might remember Olivia Palermo from the MTV series The City. But shes not just a reality star these days.

Palermo is now an international icon of fashion, having launched a jewelry line, a fashion blog, and appeared as a guest on Project Runway. And for two years now, she has been the face of VITAMINA, a womens clothing brand in Argentina. She seems to have become the brands it-girl.

But theres something that maybe Olivia Palermo doesnt know: the owners of VITAMINA plan to destroy more than 14,000 acres of pristine forests in the province of Salta, Argentina. This swath of forest is home to animals in danger of extinction. Indigenous communities and their homes there are protected by the Forest Law of Argentina.


Unfortunately the governor of Salta has granted illegal permission to destroy forestland in this region, forestland that 1.5 million Argentines voted to protect.

We think Olivia would want to know that shes about to become the face of a brand that wants to ruin the forests of Argentina. Help us tell her (and ask her for an explanation) by sending her a tweet now!

Click on these tweets to send your tweet to Olivia now:

Hi @TheRealOliviaP! I want you to know that @VITAMINAOficial is going to destroy the last forests left in Argentina. #TellOliviaTheTruth #VitaminaAsesina

Hi @TheRealOliviaP, dont let a brand relates you with deforestation in Argentina @VITAMINAOficial #TellOliviaTheTruth or #VitaminaAsesina

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