The movement for tiger-friendly products starts now. You in?

by Bustar Maitar

February 12, 2014

Today we are drawing a line in the sand to protect our forests.

Thousands of concerned consumers in Indonesia and around the world are joining celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix, Paul Wesley, Gillian Anderson, and Kellan Lutz to say enough is enough: do not make me part of the Sumatran tigers extinction!

Greenpeace is launching the Tiger Manifesto: the first part of a global campaign to save the home of the Sumatran tiger and to eliminate dirty palm oil from the products we use.

Palm oil, an ingredient found in almost half of supermarket products, is the largest driver of deforestation in Indonesia. In October last year,Greenpeace revealed that the vast majority of forest cleared for oil palm plantations in Sumatra during 20092011 was tiger habitat.

Forests do not need to be destroyed to grow palm oil. Yet makers of everyday products make us a part of the destruction because they indiscriminately buy dirty palm oil.

You have the power to stop this.

Its possible to protect forests and prevent tigers from being driven to extinction. Already, global pressure has pushed the worlds biggest palm oil trader to commit to No Deforestation. Global palm oil producers together with Greenpeace and other NGOs have set a new standard for responsible palm oil through the Palm Oil Innovation Group. And big companies, like Nestl, Ferrero, LOreal, and Unilever (owner of brands like Dove and Ben & Jerry’s), are taking steps to eliminate forest destruction.

Clean palm oil is possible.

Ive been there when the bulldozers have rolled in, and Ive seen the destruction first hand.

But I cannot stop these machines by myself. As a Greenpeace forest campaigner here in Indonesia, I can tell you we need voices from all around the world.

Join the movement demanding forest and tiger-friendly products.

The Tiger Manifesto brings together people who want their favorite brands to eliminate forest destruction from the products we use every day. Today is just the beginning of a global campaign to save the home of the Sumatran tiger and to eliminate dirty palm oil from the products we use.

We Need Your Voice. Join Us!

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