Tigers prowl the streets to protest KFC’s rainforest destruction

by Elise Nabors

June 26, 2012

Ferocious jungle predators, laying in wait, stalking their fast food hawking adversaries. The scene was set–our Sumatran tigers were in place, our orangutan armed with fliers, and a banner to catch the attention of the many motorists driving down Colorado Blvd, the backbone of East Denver, Colorado traffic. Our activists were excited to talk to the masses of KFC customers, so that they could in turn engage with a brand they’re loyal to, and help encourage change through direct dialogue. Event Coordinator, Andrew Pytlik

Last weekend, activists in Denver demonstrated in front of a local KFC- a sight thats been happening across the country. Why are people taking to the streets and the storefronts of KFCs nationwide? Photographs, supply chain research and forensic testing leave no doubt: KFC is trashing rainforests for throw-away packaging like chicken buckets.

KFC is no good for rainforests. And that means KFC is no good for Sumatran tigers, an animal that is considered critically endangered- one step away from being extinct in the wild. Sumatran tiger habitat is being pulped for throw-away fast food packaging. Theyve lost 93% of their habitat because companies like Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), who supply KFC, are destroying their forest homes.

Activists dressed in tiger costumers have been relocating at KFC stores nationwide to raise awareness about this issue and engage with KFC customers.

KFC it’s time to get your head out of the bucket and adopt a zero deforestation policy in your supply chain before it’s too late for the Sumatran tiger. Click here to take action.

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