Voices from Around the World ask Barbie to Quit Her Deforestation Habit!

by Guest Blogger

June 24, 2011

Comments on Barbie's Facebook Page

Last week, Greenpeace USA announced that Barbie’s Facebook page reopened her wall to comments. Within an hour, 117 people wrote on Barbie’s wall asking her to stop using packaging produced from rainforests in Indonesia.

After seeing all the comments, I felt so empowered. The comments kept  (and keep) rolling in as more and more of you take the action into your own hands.  Some of you posted more personal comments, whereas others followed a more generic path, but all the comments were equally powerful! I went through the comments and chose my favorite:
Victoria’s personal connection offers some business advice to Mattel:

“Hey, Barbie. You were my favorite toy when I was a little girl. Back in the 90’s, I played with you every day. I even convinced my older brother to play with me a few times. But now this little girl is grown up, and has the ability to research, and think for herself. I will probably be having children of my own soon, and do you think that any parent, especially myself, would let their child play with products that destroy nature? Barbie is supposed to be a role model for young girls. Peace is in. Green is in. The Earth is in. Young children would go crazy for Hippy Barbie, and Eco Barbie, because that’s the fad right now. Parents will also be more supportive because they know the peoduct [product] is safer. And in the meantime, while your profiting on the fad, you’ll be helping the world last a little longer and be a little happier. You’re a huge business. MASSIVE, to say the least. YOU have the ability to make a difference. Thank you.”

Veronica wrote about how Barbie is a role model:

“Look Barbie, You’ve been the Doll’s spokesperson of spokesdolls forever or at least through the 20th Century, don’t throw that away in the 21st Century. Time have changed, the Earth has changed. You have lead the way for young girls and their dreams… today you can be part of the problem or you could once again lead the way through example…. Step back from profits and realize Global Warming is not a ‘Fad’… I was it was !!!! Everyone has their time… some of us can choose our time… get on board, it ain’t over… wear green, be green… it will pay in the end and not ust with profits… Barbie get a soul….!!!”

Rigoberto from Texas succinctly said:

 “Dear Barbie, you have played every role but an environmental figure. Please wrap your self in a sustainable method & don’t encourage deforestation”

Grainne from England exclaimed:

“Step away from the chainsaw, Barbian! You have inspired and made so many young girls happy, Barbie. This is not the way I want to remember you…”

Clay from California said:

 “Heyo Barbie. You’re cool and all, but your packaging is really doing some damage. It’s eliminating the home of Sumatran tigers. I know tigers can be really scary, but they are also really cool. You should cherish the few that remain with the same vigor as you cherish your memories with Ken.”


“Dear Barbie: Please understand that your ties with Asia Pulp and Paper, the people who suplly you with the stuff to make the boxes you come in, make it seem like you condone deforestation, or at least that you don’t really care about it. But I’m sure you love trees and tigers and orangutans and elephants, so prove it to the rest of the world! Cut your ties with APP and buy from a supplier with sustainable practices.”

If you’re as inspired as I am, feel free to post a comment on Barbie’s wall as well!

Ariel is an online organizing intern at Greenpeace USA.

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