Andrea Saul: Romney Campaign Advisor, Climate Change Disinformer

by Kert Davies

November 2, 2012

Originally posted to Think Progress As news organizations cover the relationship between climate and extreme weather in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, we also need to consider the people attempting to misinform and distort the link. One name comes to mind: Andrea Saul.
Saul happens to be Mitt Romneys campaign press secretary.
AGreenpeace investigation on Andrea Saulbegan this year when a sharp ex-journalist tipped us on anti-climate science press releases sent his way while Saul worked for thelobbyists DCI Groupseveral years ago. Upon further digging, it was clear that Saul played a key role in an Exxon-funded campaign to subvert global warming science running counter-ops specifically denying any connection between global warming and hurricanes in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Saul worked with a DCI Tech Central Station team that created fake TV newcasts that reported no connection between hurricanes and climate change.These tapes were distributed to Gulf state TV stations. The Saul tape and a Mississippi newscast that aired the piece were preserved by the Center for Investigative Reporting. Watch it: Unlike Sauls collection of climate deniers, real scientistssay this is dead wrong. There is indeeda linkbetween stronger hurricanes like Sandy and global warming. So how has Saul used her background in climate disinformation to help run the Romney campaign? Here are some of the things she said while speaking for the Governor: From a July 2011Politicostory:
Gov. Romneydoes not think greenhouse gases are pollutantswithin the meaning of the Clean Air Act, and he does not believe that the EPA should be regulating them, said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul. CO2 is a naturally occurring gas. Humans emit it every time they exhale.
Romney was once an advocate of climate action while Governor of Massachusetts. But he has since flipped on the issue. Ms. Saul responded to critique of MittsRomnesiaon global warming asreported on NPRin October, 2011:
This is ridiculous. Governor Romneys view on climate change has not changed.He believes its occurring, and that human activity contributes to it, but he doesnt know to what extent Maybe the bigger threat is all the hot air coming from career politicians who are desperate to hold on to power.
This is the moment to come together, address climate change, and come up with real solutions to prevent storms like Sandy from becoming worse.

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