My colleague Gabe says Twitter should consider planet and profit. Gabe, I agree

by Larry the Twitter Bird

August 11, 2014

Fellow Twitter users: Hi, there! Its me, Larry the Twitter Bird! You may remember me hatching in front of Twitters headquarters a few months back. I called on my company to #ClickClean and power its data centers with 100% renewable energy. I also dyed my feathers green.

Larry hatching

Im still green, and providing the latest on the campaign from my handle, @ClickCleanBird. So imagine my happiness as was I skimming my colleagues feeds and came across this tweet from Chief Communications Officer Gabriel Stricker:

Gabe Stricker Tweet

The New York Times article Gabe links describes Patagonias history of putting sustainability before short-term profit. Gabe seems to think Patagonia has the right idea on how businesses should be run. Well, Gabe, I agree. Its time Twitter joined Apple, Google, Facebook and other online companies in committing to power its data centers with renewable energy. Patagonia says its customers want a sustainable product. You know our users do too. Fellow Twitter users: Help Gabe and me show the rest of our colleagues that you value a green Twitter. Follow @ClickCleanBird and reply to my tweet:

Larry Stricker tweet

Apple, Google and Facebook are already leadingthe energy sectorwith their commitments, and frankly, that ruffles my feathers. If Twitter can help topple dictatorships, surely it can convert to clean energy. Twitter colleagues, lets be the innovators we know how to be. We already have the best logo.

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