Connecticut becomes first state to require GMO labeling

by Cassady Sharp

December 13, 2013

Connecticut just passed legislation to become the first state requiring companies label any genetically modified products. Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed the bill in Fairfield on Wednesday. However, included within the law is a provision that four other states, including one that shares Connecticut's borders, must pass similar legislation in order for the law to go into effect. The reason for the regional adoption is to provide time for local farms to comply with the labeling process. Maine has passed a similar law, but must wait for New Hampshire to pass something similar before it can take effect. Requiring regional adoption of GMO labeling before forcing local farms to comply is meant to protect Connecticuts farmers and agricultural industry. Read more.
Cassady Sharp

By Cassady Sharp

Cassady is a media officer at Greenpeace USA covering the Arctic, climate change and corporate influence over politics.

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