GREENPEACE EXCLUSIVE: Hurricane Sandy aftermath

by Mitchell Wenkus

October 31, 2012

Aerial views of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy along the New Jersey coast on October 30, 2012. Photo by Tim Aubry/Greenpeace

©Tim Aubry/Greenpeace

[caption id="attachment_11900" align="alignleft" width="520" caption="Aerial views of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy along the New Jersey coast on October 30, 2012."][/caption]                     I woke up yesterday morning in DC, jumped in a 4-wheel drive truck and headed north to gather video of Hurricane Sandy's destruction. As a documentary cinematographer, I can get hyper-focused on composition, exposure, and all that stuff that's important for telling a story, but I can forget I'm dealing with people's lives. These are people's homes and memories I'm flying over. A lightning bolt of emotion came through the viewfinder, through my eyes, down my spine to my entire body when I saw a person. A person standing amongst the hundreds of destroyed homes. That one person put the rest of the wreckage into perspective for me. My sympathies go out to the families whose lives were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Below are visuals capture by our visuals team who traveled to regions in New Jersey devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Keep updated on Hurricane Sandy and Greenpeace's solar truck, the Rolling Sunlight, as it makes its way through devastated New York regions.

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