Monsanto supports GMO labeling in the UK but not in the US

by Tyler Sanville

November 1, 2012

"Monsanto fully supports UK food manufactures and retailers in their introduction of these labels. We believe you should be aware of all the facts before making a purchase."
This quotecomes froman advertisement that Monsanto ran in the UK in the late 1990's when consumers demanded that genetically engineered food be labeled. Monsanto may not haveinitially liked the idea, but as the policy became inevitable, they began running ads in support of labeling, to pretend they supported it all along. TheEuropean Unionmandatedlabeling of all genetically engineered foods in 2003. Nearly a decade later, California may become the first state in the US to require genetically engineered food to be labeled. With only a few days until the proposal is put to a vote, Monsanto has already given over $8 million to a front groupthat is blitzing California's airwaves with anti-labeling advertisements.The "No on 37" group has raised well over $40 million so far, with Monsanto as the largest donor. What gives? Do Monsanto executives think it's okay for British parents to know what's in the food they feed their kids, while treating America's children as "guinea kids"? Vote Yes on Proposition 37 to ensure the labelingof genetically engineered food in California, because we have the right to know. Read more about how companies like Monsanto have power over your food options at the grocery store. take action

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