Rebuilding the Dream

by Phil Radford

April 18, 2012

In my limited spare time, I recently picked up Van Jones latest book, Rebuild the Dream. Vans book, like Van, is truly inspiring. For full disclosure, Van pitched me on the concept of his new organization some months ago, explaining that most of us got to where we are because our parents were handed a ladder. The rungs of the ladder were the GI Bill, student loans, state colleges, good paying union jobs, and low interest home loans, which our grandparents and parents climbed to make a better life for many of us. But now that ladder the American Dream is being taken away. Many of you already know Van Jones as President Obamas former green jobs advisor, the author of New York Times best seller The Green Collar Economy, or the co-founder of Green for All. Through Rebuild the Dream, Jones has re- emerged as one of todays most prolific crusaders for social and environmental justice. In Rebuild the Dream, Jones lays out a comprehensive game plan that offers solid solutions to rebuilding our economy and preserving our environment. Through his proposed plan, Jones illustrates how we can still revitalize American jobs, improve our struggling economy, and embrace renewable energy. Jones is a true champion for all Americans. He often says that he works with the 99% for the 100%. He works to bring back the American dream for those whove had it, and for Americans who never saw a way forward because of redlining or discrimination. He paints a picture of a clean energy economy with good jobs for all Americans. Most importantly, Rebuild the Dream reconfirms our belief in the American Dream. It lets us know that despite our nations shortcomings, its not too late for us to fix our democracy. It is not too late for us to restore hope and renew OUR dream so we can guarantee future generations to come. The book is available for purchase at! Interested individuals can also visit or follow @RebuildDream for book updates.

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