Reject and Protect: Tipi Presentation and March down DC

by Douglas Reyes-Ceron

April 27, 2014

Over the weekend, the alliance of First Nations people, ranchers, and farmers calling itself the Cowboy Indian Alliance held its climactic action in Washington. At itsReject and Protect encampment, the alliance held it's largest activity of the week. It put the final touches on a community-crafted tipi. It hosted a series of speakers presenting a diverse range of reasons that the Keystone XL pipeline must be rejected. And finally, the alliance delivered its tipi to the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. The encampment then marched through the streets of DC and past the Capital building. The April 26th event attracted thousands from across the country, including Neil Young and Daryl Hannah. Although the Reject and Protect encampment has come to an end for now, the Cowboy Indian Alliance will continue its actions, insisting that President Obama make a decisive move to say no to Keystone XL. RandPSat-3 RandPSat-4 RandPSat-7 RandPSat-6 You can continue to show your support by keeping up with Greenpeace and the other supporters of Reject and Protect.

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