Spygate Media Roundup

by Michelle Frey

November 30, 2010

Yesterday, Greenpeace filed a lawsuit against two major chemical companies, their PR firms and several individuals for activities that amount to corporate espionage. Here's a comprehensive list of the media coverage the lawsuit has received so far. Scroll through the list and check out what the media had to say about our lawsuit.
- CNBC Video - Greenpeace accuses Dow Chemical, Sasol and P.R. allies of corporate spying, Washington Post - Greenpeace sues Dow Chemical for spying, MSNBC - Greenpeace Sues Chemical Makers, Alleging Spy Effort, NY Times - Greenpeace Sues Chemical Companies, Alleging Corporate Espionage, Wall Street Journal - Greenpeace Sues Dow, Sasol, Dezenhall for Corporate Spying, RICO, Huffington Post - Greenpeace sues Dow Chemical and others over surveillance and computer hacking charges, Boing Boing - Greenpeace Sues Dow and Other Companies Over Espionage, CNBC - Greenpeace sues Dow Chemical for spying, Reuters Africa - Chemical Companies Spied on Greenpeace, Lawsuit Claims (Video), Treehugger - E&E Publishing (subscription only) - Greenpeace Sues Chemical and PR Firms for "Unlawful" Spying, Mother Jones - PR Week (subscription only) - Greenpeace Charges Ketchum, Dezenhall with RICO Violations, Odwyer PR - PVC chemical corporations sued by Greenpeace for spying on local community leaders, Greenpeace Ally chej - Greenpeace alleges spying by Dow Chemical in lawsuit, Midland Daily News - Greenpeace sues Dow Chemical, alleging espionage, USA Today - Greenpeace sues Dow, Sasol, UPI

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