World’s largest windfarm opens, can power half a million homes

by Cassady Sharp

Offshore wind farm Baltic one. It is the first German offshore wind farm in the Baltic sea. The energy firm EnBW builts up the farm to produce energy for 45000 households. 21 Siemens Windpower wind turbines Type SW 2,3 produce 50 megawatt. Baltic One, Deutschlands erster Offshore Windpark in der Ostsee. Energieunternehmen EnBW errichtet Offshorewindpark mit Strom fuer 45.000 Haushalte, 21 Siemens Windpower Windenergieanlagen Typ SW 2,3 erzeugen 50 Megawatt. 16 km noerdlich der Halbinsel Darss, Zingst, Deutsche Ostsee.

© Paul Langrock/Zenit / Zenit / Greenpeace

[caption id="attachment_435" align="alignnone" width="600"]Offshore Wind Farm in the Baltic The largest offshore wind farm is off the coast of the UK. Pictured above is a wind farm in the Baltic.[/caption] The world's largest offshore wind farm is officially open. It's called London Array, and it will produce enough clean wind energy to power half a million homes. It even started generating electricity last fall. Read more at Treehugger. take action

By Cassady Sharp

Cassady is a media officer at Greenpeace USA covering the Arctic, climate change and corporate influence over politics.

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