A Roaring Thank You on Behalf of the Sumatran Tigers

by Phil Radford

October 5, 2011

Three months ago Greenpeace began one of the most creative campaigns we’ve ever done. Pink bulldozers, spandex, and blue tuxedos were marshalled for a clear and important cause: to persuade Mattel to stop buying paper products linked to rainforest destruction.

Here we are in October, and the company has announced a major new policy on the issue. Asia Pulp and Paper Indonesia’s most notorious rainforest destroyers have been dumped by the world’s largest toy company. Today is about sending a clear message: deforestation is bad news for your business.

So Barbie and Ken are back together, and the DreamDozer has been put back in the garage. So much of this is due to your enthusiasm and engagement over the last few months. Here’s Rolf with a little more, but I’d like to say a big, roaring thank you on behalf of the Sumatran tigers.

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