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by Melissa O'Neil

January 11, 2013

Greenpeace Action Camp role play exercise at Camp Flying Eagle, Parrish, Fla., Wednssday, Feb. 29, 2012.

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Have you ever wanted to hang a banner off a bridge to expose overfishing from factory trawlers? What about hanging from a structure blocking a railroad transporting coal that came from mountaintop removal? How about driving a boat to protect blue whales and other marine? Don’t think you have the skill set to do these things? Think again.

Greenpeace 2012 Action Camp in Florida

At Greenpeaces second annual Action Camp, you can learn all of the above and more. Professional trainers teach you about the history and philosophy of nonviolent direct action and how to be a more effective, non-violent wielding unit for change. There are four tracks: climbing, boats, arts in action, and blockades. They will teach you your rights as an activist, along with media training so that you not only know how to hang off a building, but also know how to talk about why youre doing it. As flashy as actions are, we still must be able to speak intelligently about why it is important to get the word out that old growth forests shouldn’t be cut down and used as packaging for kids’ toys.

Were hosting action camp in sunny Southern California this year. The deadline for applications is February 1st. Apply now, as the application process is competitive. Dont just be a spectator during a flash mob demanding that Japanese fishing boats stop selling whale meat. Be part of the action!

Don’t get caught out in the climate change. Greenpeace Action Camp. Los Angeles. March 18-23. Join us.

Apply now!

By Melissa O'Neil

Melissa O'Neil is part of the actions team at Greenpeace USA.

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