Challenge yourself this Earth Day

by Michelle Frey

April 21, 2010

earth dayIn the 40 years since our first Earth Day, weve come a long way in understanding our environment and how our activities affect its health and wellbeing. Weve passed laws, changed our habits and vowed to do better for the sake of future generations.

This Earth Day, I pose a challenge to yougo out of your way to save the environment in your daily lives. Im sure youre a dynamo at bringing canvas bags to the supermarket, taking public transportation as much as you can and only using compact fluorescent light bulbs in your lampsbut what else can you do?

Its not enough to do the easy stuff to save the environment. Challenge yourself to do more this Earth Day. Think of all those green tips youve seen on websites or heard your friends talking about. Grab onto two or three new ways to save the planet and make them a reality in your life. Then, once youve perfected thoseget moving onto moreand so on and so on! Keep learning about the world around you and dont be afraid to dig deeper to find out the truth when you think theres more to the story.

This is the only planet we have, lets treat it right so future generations will have clean air to breath, fresh water to drink and biodiversity to discover.

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