From Chicago to San Diego: Stepping up for the Tigers

by Elise Nabors

March 10, 2014

Greenpeace recently launched a campaignlinking palm oil used in products like Head & Shoulders (owned by parent company Procter and Gamble) to the destruction of Indonesias Paradise rainforest. Now were excited to share news of hundreds of people in a dozen cities across the country, taking action to support the campaign; staging protests, signing petitionsand calling P&G directly to cut its ties to deforestation.

San Diego VolunteersFrom sunny San Diego, to a frigid Chicago and all the way to Raleigh, NC people mobilized to tell P&Gs customers the dirty secret behind Head & Shoulders. In San Diego volunteers danced through a crowded outdoor shopping area asking people to sign onto the Tiger Manifesto.

OCYIn Orange County, CA activists held a silent march delighting kids with their orangutan costumes. And I cant help but wonderwhen those children grow up will there still be tigers and orangutans?

ChicagoEven the fierce Chicago winter didnt stop people from standing up for tigers.

SeattleHeres some tiger lovers in Seattle, striking a quick pose in between engaging customers as they walk into a grocery store.

And here’s a crew in Raleigh, NC. People everywhere love tigers, yall.

WDCIn Washington DC, 100 new people signed the Tiger Manifesto in under an hour. So far people have been overwhelmingly pro tiger and not just folks on the streets. Some major companies including Unilever (makers of Dove), LOreal, Nestle, and Mondelez (formerly Kraft) are already committed to keeping rainforest destruction out of the products we buy. If they can do it, so can P&G.

OCThe word on the street is clear: Head & Shoulders, its time to stop putting tiger survival on the line. And we wont stop until P&G commits to a strong no deforestation policy. You dont have to climb a buildingto take part in this campaign but we do need your help. Take action by signing this petition to Procter & Gamble today!

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