Giant Tiger Calls Out Rainforest Destroyer

by Amy Moas

March 22, 2013

Greenpeace activists inflated a 42 foot tiger on San Franciscos iconic Embarcadero on Thursday, the International Day of Forests. The giant tiger helped send a message about Indonesias second largest pulp and paper company, APRIL (Asia Pacific Resources International Limited) which has been destroying huge sections of natural rainforests and tiger habitat.

Over the past few years, youve helped us push Indonesias largest pulp and paper company , APP, to protect the forest while APRIL is still actively clear cutting the rainforest and draining high carbon peatlands to produce pulp and paper. Here in the U.S. we can find APRILs paper on our store shelves and in office copy rooms, particularly their flagship brand PaperOne.

Greenpeace is committed to stopping APRILs path of destruction as it takes a heavy toll on endangered wildlife, including the tiger, orangutan, elephant and rhino; as well as generating large amounts of carbon pollution which causes climate change. In the next phase of our campaign, we hope youll be joining us to convince APRIL to immediately suspend all clearance of natural forests, permanently protect Indonesias forests and peatlands, and forever respect the rights of indigenous people.

Greenpeace activists in tiger and orangutan suits and the 42 foot tiger provided a thought-provoking backdrop for the nearby spring meeting of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, which included attendees from several U.S. companies that buy from APRIL.

We cant stand idly by while APRIL, and those that buy from them, destroy the home of the Sumatran tiger. With less than 400 left in the wild, we must act now.

Amy Moas

By Amy Moas

Amy Moas, Ph.D. is a senior forest campaigner for Greenpeace based in Las Vegas. She focuses on combating the drivers of deforestation around the world including palm oil, pulp and paper, and illegal logging.

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