Greenpeace demands peace and justice in Mexico

by Guest Blogger

October 10, 2014

Translation by Luis Jose Barragan. Read Spanish translationhere.

Mexico City – The devastating, recent, acts of violence have demonstrated the inability of local and federal governments to realize basic tasks such as guaranteeing unconditional respect for human rights, the right to life, freedom, and safety for our citizens.

On September 26, students of the Normal Raul Isidro Burgos de Azotzinapa, Guerrero, Normal School, took two buses to attend the march, on October 2, in Mexico City, where city police opened fire against the young protesters and one lost their life. Hours later, a commando group wearing state police uniforms attacked the aspiring schoolteachers, executing two of them and two other passersby; 25 people suffered injuries and 43 students disappeared.

On Sunday, October 5, 28 bodies were found in 6 common graves that might help to identify the missing students.

The increasingly brutal and disproportionate reaction of governments and security forces that – in theory – should ensure the safety of the people, only silences the protests and demands thereof.

As an organization that not only protects our environment but promotes peace and social justice, Greenpeace demands that the Mexican government apply more urgent measures to protect our right to life, integrity, liberty and ensure the safety of the people.

We are joining the demands of millions of people, NGOs and Civil Society Organizations so that the Mexican government makes amends, on every level, to commit to the following:

  • Ensure peace and justice in Mexico
  • Clarify the justice case of Azotzinapa with transparency
  • Return the missing students to safety
  • Stop the frequent occurrence of violence, repression, missing cases and murders
  • Punish offenders according to law

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