Greenpeace LA volunteers – standing strong for Indonesian Forests

by Anna Wagner

May 11, 2012

This Saturday, Greenpeace volunteers held another powerful event at the Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica.

Greenpeace LA Volunteers at Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica

Our message is simple: Barnes & Noble, stop buying paper from forest destroyer Asia Pulp & Paper, said volunteer Community Coordinator Wendell Covalt.

The activists talked to over 150 customers who agreed that Barnes & Noble should stop selling rainforest destruction, and many signed our petition and asked the store manager to tell their manager that its time to get sustainable.

Customers that are unhappy with Barnes & Nobles business practices are likely to find another bookstore until the company changes their ways. Said Wendell.

They finished out the event by sending photos and a letter to Barnes & Noble CEO, to let him know that these events will continue until the company drops rainforest destruction from their shelves.

Many thanks to the fantastic LA Area Greenpeace volunteers who made this event a success!

Pictured above: Lauren K, Maryann A, Sarah T, Wendell C, Laura C, Sabina B, Mark S, and Phillip R (not shown)

By Anna Wagner

Anna Wagner is a senior national organizer with Greenpeace USA.

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