Greenpeace USA Photo of the Month February 2014


March 7, 2014

A Greenpeace investigator bears witness to the recent clearance of forest inside a newly developed area of the PT Wana Catur Jaya Utama palm oil concession in Mantangai, Kapuas district, Central Kalimantan. PT WCJU contains important areas of mapped orangutan habitat and is a subsidiary of BW Plantation.

© Ulet Ifansasti / Greenpeace

When Greenpeace talks about Forest Destruction, it refers to something huge, devastating, with a permanent impact on the planet. Bearing witness to this climate-changing and species-threatening activity is Ulet Ifansastis image that is the Greenpeace USA February 2014 Photo of the Month.

The image brings the viewer into the scene as a fellow observer viewing the remnant sticks of a destroyed forest as far as the eye can see. Such pictures of the bio-diverse tropical rainforest converted to monoculture palm oil plantations show us the scale and the results of this monstrous action and bring awareness that this is happening because of the global demand for palm oil used in common everyday products sold all over the world.

It can be hard to realize that buying a shampoo or chocolate snack in the United States would impact some of the worlds last remaining rainforest, but this image taken at a GPS recorded location, after examining transaction receipts, the borders of designated habitats and chain of custody documentation, draws a direct line from Procter & Gamble to palm oil suppliers leaving the bodies of orangutans in shallow graves where their forest homes used to soar.

Destruction of rainforest habitat

An aerial view of tropical rainforest converted to a palm oil plantation.

A few days ago, Greenpeace went to Procter & Gambles headquarters buildings and posted messages they could not ignore. The company says it wants to do the right thing, but actions speak louder than words.

Deforestation banners on Procter & Gamble headquarters in Cincinnati

Activists brought awareness of rainforest destruction right to the headquarters of Procter & Gamble after the company did not respond to letters and reports.


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