How Puzzling! KFC’s Rainforest Destruction

by Meena Hussein

June 5, 2012

KFC's Secret Recipe: Rainforest Destruction

What's KFC's secret recipe? Rainforest destruction.

Do you find rainforest destruction to be puzzling? We do too!

That’s why we created this puzzle for you to solve on Pinterest. It’s an image mash-up of the KFC Colonel and a Sumatran tiger. All you have to do is create a new pinboard and pin the images in the correct order. Check your homepage to see the completed puzzle.

Whitney Sickels is our first supporter to solve the puzzle, thanks for the great entry Whitney! Feel free to repin Greenpeace’s puzzle to your own pinboard, and tune in later this week for our next puzzle. Take action now and tell KFC to stop rainforest destruction before it’s too late.

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