Not your average internship

by Guest Blogger

July 15, 2011

Forget all the intern horror stories you’ve heard: days filled with photocopying, sorting mail, and getting coffee. There’s no paper pushing and mind-less work as a Greenpeace intern.

Being an intern at Greenpeace is a unique and amazing experience. What other interns can say they had the opportunity to send a direct message to President Obama on his energy policy? Or participate in a two day non-violent direct action training? Or put together a basket full of polluter-friendly goodies
that got delivered to Representative Fred Upton?

For the past four months, I have been interning with the Campaigns team at Greenpeace. It has been four of the most exciting, action-packed, learning-filled, and inspiring months of my life. I have had the chance to work on each of Greenpeace’s five campaigns (Oceans, Forests, Global Warming, Toxics and Nuclear), while learning so much about issues I honestly didn’t know a lot about before coming to Greenpeace. I have had the privilege of witnessing important victories like Costco agreeing to stop selling Red-List threatened fish species
adopt a sustainable seafood policy and Sinar Mas, the largest palm oil producer in the world, announcing a plan to no longer destroy rainforests.

I helped on the set of two Greenpeace videos, did research at the EPA on risk assessment of chemical facilities, and met hundreds of fellow students and environmental activists at Power Shift.

I attended hearings to the House of Representatives and helped work on Greenpeace Radio. I wrote blogs, learned how to use Twitter, and most importantly, saw first hand how a large, global NGO operates and succeeds.

As a Greenpeace intern, you get to do what you love every single day while actually making a difference. You get to meet and work with so many amazing people. I’ve had experiences I will never forget, and you can too! Find out what awesome experiences you will have as a Greenpeace intern by applying for an
internship today!

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