What Kind of Courage Do You Have?

by Haley Rabic

March 16, 2015

Here at Greenpeace we have big plans. Six brave volunteers are on their way to a secret location, ready to do something that requires real courage.

These six people have expressed their bold courage to stand up for our planet.

We cant spoil their plan by telling you where theyre going or why yet, but these ordinary people have dropped everything to stand up for what they believe in. And theyre going to need help.


Right now these six volunteers are getting ready, but a successful movement cannot be won on the backs of a few people. It will take thousands of people with unique ideas, skills, and energy to help these volunteers secret plan succeed.

That’s why we’re launching a global search for brave people to do something extraordinary alongside these six volunteers. We cant share the details just yet, but we can say it will be amazing.

We cant wait to see what happens next.

Does your courage run deep? Is it physical or spiritual? Take our quiz to find out what type of courage youre made up of.

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