Rite Aid Making the Wrong Choice for Ancient Forests

by Daniel Brindis

April 15, 2015

Why it matters that the major U.S. drugstore chain doesn't have a forest or paper policy.


Unlike many major companies with a huge paper footprint, Rite-Aid is making the wrong choice by not having a forests policy, an action that would prevent Rite-Aid from buying paper from unwanted sources. Forest destruction is unhealthy for the planet as well as the people and species who consider the forest their home.

Quad Graphics, the printer that uses millions of pounds of paper a month to create Rite-Aids throw-away flyers and junk mail, is one of the largest customers of Resolute Forest Products, a company with a controversial environmental record. Resolute is logging in the last undisturbed ancient forests in Quebec and Ontario, some of which is threatened Woodland Caribou habitat. In addition, the company also has ongoing conflicts with Indigenous First Nations.

The Boreal Forest, the traditional territory of numerous First Nations, habitat for threatened and endangered species, and host to some of the largest carbon stores on earth, is of global importance and we cant afford to let it waste away.

To illustrate the consequences such wrong choices, we mocked up what one of Rite-Aids circulars/flyers would look like if it accurately depicted the consequences Rite-Aid was passing onto its customers.

UPDATE: Read here how Rite-Aid and other customers of Boreal forest products can support real solutions.

Take action and tell Rite-Aid that you want it to protect forests





Daniel Brindis

By Daniel Brindis

Daniel is the Forests Campaign Director, based in San Francisco. His portfolio includes the Amazon, the Canadian Boreal, and environmental certification schemes like the Forest Stewardship Council. He splits his time between the San Francisco and Manaus offices.

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