September Photo of the Month


October 6, 2011

A wide seascape with the new Rainbow Warrior III undergoing sea trials
By Oliver Tjaden is the September Photo of the Month.

The Rainbow Warrior III underway during sea trials in the North Sea

The aerial view captures the new Greenpeace ship under sail on the North Sea,
conveying the majesty of sailing on a broad expanse of ocean. In the
final stages of being fitted out and tested, the ship is an inspiring
. The wake shows her capability for speed. The shape of the
sails holding close to the wind provides a good view of the revolutionary A-Frame mast system, created by Dutch naval architecture firm Dijkstra and Partners.

The innovative Rainbow Warrior III is an 838-tonne (924-ton) vessel. She is
58 meters (190 feet) long, 11 meters (36-feet) wide, and has masts more
than 50 meters (160 feet) high. Learn more about the ship.

Soon, we will begin to hear from the ship. An onboard satellite
communications system will provide constant broadband access, enabling
the ship to stream live footage from anywhere in the world.

The latest Rainbow Warrior follows in the wake of two previous ships that carried the name around the world. The first lies underwater in a New Zealand cove after being bombed by French spies trying to stop Greenpeace from interrupting atmospheric nuclear testing, killing photographer Fernando Pereira. The second is being converted into a hospital ship to serve needy people in the Bay of Bengal

The new Rainbow Warrior is the world’s first purpose-built, environmentally
advanced, campaigning ship.

Keep an eye out. It’s coming. It’s coming to bear witness and enable action to prevent environmental crimes around the world. As we’re fond of saying, “You can’t sink a Rainbow.”


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