Spygate Media Roundup

by Michelle Frey

November 30, 2010

Yesterday, Greenpeace filed a lawsuit against two major chemical companies, their PR firms and several individuals for activities that amount to corporate espionage. Here’s a comprehensive list of the media coverage the lawsuit has received so far. Scroll through the list and check out what the media had to say about our lawsuit.

CNBC Video

Greenpeace accuses Dow Chemical, Sasol and P.R. allies of corporate spying, Washington Post

Greenpeace sues Dow Chemical for spying, MSNBC

Greenpeace Sues Chemical Makers, Alleging Spy Effort, NY Times

Greenpeace Sues Chemical Companies, Alleging Corporate Espionage, Wall Street Journal

Greenpeace Sues Dow, Sasol, Dezenhall for Corporate Spying, RICO, Huffington Post

Greenpeace sues Dow Chemical and others over surveillance and computer hacking charges, Boing Boing

Greenpeace Sues Dow and Other Companies Over Espionage, CNBC

Greenpeace sues Dow Chemical for spying, Reuters Africa

Chemical Companies Spied on Greenpeace, Lawsuit Claims (Video), Treehugger

E&E Publishing (subscription only)

Greenpeace Sues Chemical and PR Firms for “Unlawful” Spying, Mother Jones

PR Week (subscription only)

Greenpeace Charges Ketchum, Dezenhall with RICO Violations, Odwyer PR

PVC chemical corporations sued by Greenpeace for spying on local community leaders, Greenpeace Ally chej

Greenpeace alleges spying by Dow Chemical in lawsuit, Midland Daily News

Greenpeace sues Dow Chemical, alleging espionage, USA Today

Greenpeace sues Dow, Sasol, UPI

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