The Coolest Thing About My Greenpeace Internship

by Guest Blogger

April 18, 2011

Greenpeace Activist Network InternsHi, I’m Aislinn (pictured on the far right). Ive learned more in the past 2 ½ months with the Greenpeace Activist Network Internship in San Francisco than I did during my entire senior year of college! Thats a lot! But here are a few of my favorite moments:

On the second day of my internship, I helped paint a 20 by 40 footbanner at Greenpeaces San Francisco warehouse.

Within the first month, I had the honor to sit in on a video conference with Kumi Naidoo, the inspiring EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Greenpeace International!

I recently attended a two day Nonviolent Direct Action training, in which our trainers were majorly experienced Greenpeace activists whove hung banners everywhere from Mount Rushmore to exploratory oil rigs in the freakin Arctic, so cool!

I get to work with total environmental pros who are constantly fighting to save our planet. The Activist Network team includes top-notch organizers who juggle countless difficult tasks at once while being totally chill and having a great time. They are seriously awesome.

Not to mention the hundreds of remarkable activists from all over the country who I get to chat with on a daily basis. They are overwhelmingly passionate about getting involved and they just blow me away in general. Like the stay at home moms who tell me they refuse to leave a dirty, messed up planet behind for their kids to deal with. Like the woman who lived in Germany as a child and couldnt play outside when the Chernobyl nuclear disaster unfolded. Like the college and high school students in the midst of exams who still manage to organize their student groups to demand a clean energy future. Our environmental victories are not possible without them.

Last but certainly not least, I sat in on a video conference today with environmental activist Tim DeChristopher, who bid a total of almost 2 billion dollars (which he didnt actually have) on 22,500 acres of land in Utah to prevent big oil from getting their dirty hands on it, and hes never looked back. Its amazing to see the great strides that a single human can make for the environmental movement.

If theres one thing to take away from my time at Greenpeace, its that everything we do really matters. Take this awesome opportunity to apply right now and discover the coolest thing you’ll do as a Greenpeace Intern!!

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