Top 13 Facebook Posts of 2013

by Meena Hussein

December 23, 2013

It’s been a great year for Greenpeace USA’s facebook page! We just surpassed 200,000 page likes, with a growth rate of 42% this year. That’s huge! And it’s all thanks to our followers and your interest in fighting for a green and peaceful future, one share at a time.

Here’s a list of the top 13 facebook posts that reached the most people in 2013:

13. An awesome image of a diver high five-ing a Humpback whale. Check out the post from July.

High five a Humpback!

12. When the internet turned red, and we shared wise words from Yoda.2013 was a big year for the LGBTQ movement, and we saw facebook turn red in support of Marriage Equality. We found these wise words from none other than Yoda and decided to share in support.Check out the post from March.

Yoda Wise Words

11. When we saw what a wind-powered future could look like. Check out the post from March.

Wind Turbine

10. When you said NO to seismic testing off the Atlantic Coast. Oil drilling companies wanted to run seismic tests off the Atlantic coast this year to find areas to drill for offshore oil. This would have deafened and killed over 100,000 dolphins and whales. Fortunately the government has pushed back this decision to sometime next year.Check out the post from July.

Stop seismic testing

9. The oil spill in North Dakota. A massive oil spill occurred this fall in a remote area of North Dakota, which was caused by a pipeline leak. Check out the post from October.

North Dakota Oil Spill

8. North Carolina approves fracking under people’s homes without their consent. A new law was passed this year to force landowners in North Carolina to sell natural gas under their homes and farms — whether they want to or not.Check out the post from August.

North Carolina Fracking

7. The Arkansas Oil Spill. On March 30, an Exxon-Mobil tar sands pipeline ruptured, spewing 84,000 gallons of tar sands crude oil into the town of Mayflower and the nearby Lake Conway.Check out the post from March.

Arkansas Oil Spill

6. When we all decided we don’t support leaky tar sands pipelines. #NoKXL!Check out the post from April.

Arkansas Spill Backyard

5. When there were four oil spills in one week. Thinking back on it, 2013 was a pretty rough year for the environment. Over 232,000 gallons of oil were spilled in just a single week! Check out the post from April.

Four oil spills one week

4. Humans have destroyed more than half of the world’s forests. The statistics are just shocking. Check out the post from March.

Save Forests

3. When we discovered a parking lot covered in solar panels. What a great example of sustainable design! Check out the post from April.

solar parking lot

2. When bee-killing pesticides were banned in Europe. The entire internet seemed to be a-buzz with the good news! Check out the post from April.


1. This inspiring Cree Indian proverb. We found this image online, and thought it really spoke to our mission so we shared it on the facebook page. Our supporters corrected this macro in the comments, it’s actually not from “Anonymous,” but a Cree Indian proverb. Thanks so much! Check it out from March.


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