Top 5 Wild Places We’d Like to Spend the Holidays

by Cassady Craighill

December 14, 2012

A Grizzy bear in the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, Canada.

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The holidays mean something different to all of us, but hopefully it provides a chance for all of us to spend time with loved ones in places that feel like home. The folks here at Greenpeace have a deep respect for the wild places we work to protect. What better time than the holidays to spend time in places that are truly the biggest gifts? So we spent a little time fantasizing about the places we’d love to jet off to for some wilderness tromping this holiday.

The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon forest is home to more wildlife than anywhere else on Earth. Storing up to 120 billion tons of carbon, it is also critical to regulating our climate. We’re working towards a goal of zero deforestation in the Amazon by 2015 by working with industry and protective forests code.Find out more about our work in the vibrant Amazon region.

Parrot in the Brazilian Rainforest.

The Great Bear Rainforest

A coastal temperate rainforest is one of the rarest types on Earth. It’s actually known as Canada’s Amazon and home to the rare white kermode or “spirit” bear as well as grizzly bears, wolves, salmon and a diverse array of ancient trees and other wildlife. Learn more about what we’re doing to protect the Great Bear Rainforest.

Olympic National Park

Part of the vast National Park System, this stunning region of tall alpines and coastal cliffs, national park is nestled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. While the valleys of the region are lush with green growth and wildflowers, the tall peaks provide opportunities to summit a stunning vista. This region in the Pacific Northwest is currently under threat from the pollution of coal exports. Learn more about this issue and what we can do to protect this national treasure.

Appalachian Mountains

Our nation’s oldest mountains line the East Coast with soft ridges nearly 500 million years old. Full of diverse wildlife and ecological systems, the mountain range reaches from Georgia all the way into Canada. Currently at risk from polluting coal plants as well as destructive mountaintop removal, Greenpeace works with several regional groups to protect this region from the threats of dirty energy.

Save the Arctic: Take Action

The Arctic

A no-brainer. Although we’d love an expedition to Ole’ Saint Nick’s homestead, we’re pretty concerned the North Pole is facing foreclosure due to climate change. Rising global temperatures has contributed to record sea ice melt and allowed oil companies including Shell the opportunity to capitalize on melting ice to drill for oil. Join us now to protect this amazing wild place for the health of the whole planet.

Cassady Craighill

By Cassady Craighill

Cassady is a media officer for Greenpeace USA based on the East Coast. She covers climate change and energy, particularly how both issues relate to the Trump administration.

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