WATCH: Dancer exhibits Gazprom’s art of Arctic destruction

by Guest Blogger

October 21, 2013

Ballet Dancer
Hardly elsewhere in the world, climate change is more visible than in the Arctic.About 75 percent of Arctic sea ice has disappeared in the last 30 years.The corporations that are responsible now want to profit from it – and fueling the global climate continues.The Russian energy giant Gazprom wants to drill for oil in the Arctic.He is playing Russian roulette with one of the world’s last intact ecosystems.

Greenpeace has a ballet dancer before the Zurich Tonhalle today Saturday 19October 2013 own version of expressive dance solos Dying Swan performed.In the Greenpeace version of the swan died miserably in a pool of oil.The performance was staged in front of the main entrance of the concert hall, to make the concert-goers pointed out that the “Classical Highlightsare sponsored by one of the biggest destroyers of the environment in the world.In addition to this performance took place a projection.The credits of the projection ended with the saying, “The Art of Destruction Arctic – sponsored by Gazprom.

The video of today’s action in Zurich:

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