What do damp apes and Pizza Hut have in common?

by Elise Nabors

December 21, 2010

Save the apes

Last weekend, Southern California saw some of the heaviest rainfall in decades.  And if you were in Irvine, California you saw wet, dedicated apes and activists.  These damp orangutans visited a local Pizza Hut chain to deliver a message, along with thousands of petitions signed by folks in the local community. 

Customers across the country have been asking Pizza Hut to stop serving up rainforest destruction with its pies, but I’m starting to wonder if Pizza Hut is listening. They say, “we love to hear from customers,” “follow us on Twitter or fan us on the Facebooks”… but why? Pizza Hut acts like it wants to be a person of the digital age, have a presence like a person.  But I’ve started to realize while Pizza Hut likes to talk, they don’t really like to listen. 

Thousands and thousands of people are waiting for an answer from Pizza Hut.  Our question is simple:  Some of the world’s largest food companies like Burger King, Kraft, Nestle and Unilever have already taken steps to cut their ties with rainforest destruction, why won’t Pizza Hut do the same?

Join us by taking action and telling fast food chains, like Pizza Hut to stop serving up rainforest destruction!


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