Your Can of Sprite Is Linked to Forest Destruction

by Mariana Díaz Vaccaro

September 8, 2017

That lemony fresh taste in your can of Sprite comes with a not-so-fresh secret — it’s linked to the illegal destruction of native forests in Argentina.

Sprite Can

Sprite has a deforestation problem on its hands —  the company buys its lemon juice from La Moraleja S.A., a citrus exporter that’s already cleared 3,000 hectares of native forests in violation of Argentine law.

All of that while Sprite’s parent company — Coca Cola — is on record saying that “sustainability shall be in the center of all our decisions and actions and we shall be highly responsible with that.”

Sprite caters its ads to the youth of America, which begs the question: don’t they know that it’s those same young adults who will have to face the hurricanes, floods, droughts, wildfires fueled by climate change and made worse by deforestation? We think they do, but they’re not going to do anything about it unless people like you and me put the pressure on.

So we have a message for Sprite, stop contributing to forest destruction.

So far, Sprite has ignored our calls for forest protection. Greenpeace Argentina has sent two letters alerting them of the damages they’re causing to native forests, but we’ve gotten no response. So we’re calling on Sprite to do better. We’re calling on them to put protection of people and the planet before their own short-term profits. If you say you care about sustainability — show us. If you say that you care about the environment, then do something: reforest the lands that were illegally cleared for you to get your lemon juice and adopt a zero deforestation policy to guarantee your production system and suppliers do not contribute to deforestation anywhere on the planet. 

It is a crime to destroy forests — and we’re not ready to let environmental criminals get away without a fight. Every single one of you who raises your voice will keep the pressure on Sprite and protect forests.

Will you join us? Tweet a message to Sprite leadership today: [email protected], when will you stop destroying ancient forests? @GreenpeaceArg is waiting for an answer.

Editor’s note: this blog has been updated to include information on zero deforestation policies. 

By Mariana Díaz Vaccaro

Mariana Díaz Vaccaro is the head of global digital mobilization for Greenpeace Andino.

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