Lauri og fem aktivister er stadig ombord på Happy Ranger, der transporterer dampgeneratorer til Okiluoto 3 - Det atomkraftværk, som finnerne prøver at bygge på trods af alle de fejl, de laver undervejs. Transporten burde slet ikke finde sted, da opførelsen af atomkraftværket bør stoppes.

Fra skibet skriver Lauri:

"Yesterday we have had four new people come on board. Three inflatable boats traveled two hours from the Swedish coast to reach Happy Ranger and the climbers got on board smoothly using the wire ladder we lowered to them. Two activists who spent the last night on the deck of Happy Ranger went back to the shore and to the warmth. The new ones brought new energy and lots of chocolate with them which made us really happy.

The captain of Happy Ranger got very upset because of the new action. He ordered the ship to a halt and called the coastguard, saying he will not tolerate more than six people on board. The stalemate lasted an hour, after which engines were started. The coast guard payed us a visit with a chopper and saw the banners reading “Nuclear madness made in France”, but did not land.

We expect to arrive at the port of destination around 1500 CET, along with the steam generators, destined for a dangerous and flawed nuclear reactor under construction in Olkiluoto, Finland.

Things are again calm here after some hard feelings yesterday. A couple of crewmembers are keeping us company on the deck.

During the night, we passed the island of Åland, halfway between Finland and Sweden and in the proximity of Olkiluoto and Forsmark nuclear sites. Finland and Sweden plan to bury their nuclear waste at those sites which would be a serious long-term threat to Åland. No wonder the island has taken a very critical position towards proposed nuclear projects and is a forerunner in developing renewable energy."