I går eftermiddag gik seks aktivister i åben sø ombord på transportskibet Happy Ranger, der transporter en dampgenerator til brug i det finske atomkraftværk Olkiluoto 3. Opførelsen af atomkraftværket har været plaget af problemer siden start, og i øjeblikket er det nu over tre år forsinket - med mere end en fordobling af budgettet.

Vi har modtaget denne hilsen fra Lauri, en af aktivisterne ombord på transportskibet:

"As I'm writing this more than thee hours after our boarding, things have calmed down. We had most of the crew, about 15 people, around us in the beginning. We explained that we are here to protest against a dangerous and costly French nuclear experiment, not their ship or company. One crew member was quite upset about us being onboard and cut a few banners in half with a knife, while others took pictures with their cellphones and chatted with us.

We went to meet the captain on the bridge and agreed with him that we would stay in one place on the deck and stay visible for his peace of mind, as well as not point our headlamps towards the bridge during dark hours. Then we had one crew at a time keep us company for some time, now we are the only people on deck.

We are eating and agreeing watches for the night before we go to sleep. The temperature of the seawater is still 8 degrees celsius, so we are counting on the sea to keep us warm. And we certainly hope our action can help in putting an end to this nuclear madness and make this the last shipment of the kind."

Aktivisterne har planlagt at blive ombord på skibet, til det ankommer i havn i Finland.