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Deep Sea Biodiversity Factsheet

Rapport/dokument | 18. oktober, 2004 kl. 0:00

It is the enormous variety of marine life that makes seamounts such an important part of ocean ecosystems. The biodiversity found on high seas seamounts is as rich - and some believe richer - than that found in the great ancient rainforests of...

Oceans Factsheet - High Seas Responsibility

Rapport/dokument | 18. oktober, 2004 kl. 0:00

All nations have responsibility for deep sea life on the High Seas. But a few wealthy nations are fishing away marine life and profiting from our global commons.

Oceans Factsheet - Moratorium on Bottom Trawling

Rapport/dokument | 18. oktober, 2004 kl. 0:00

Greenpeace believes that the United Nations must act now by taking, effective actions to ensure the long-term viability of vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems. The first of those actions must be to pass a Resolution declaring an immediate moratorium...

Protecting The Deep Sea Under International Law

Rapport/dokument | 8. oktober, 2004 kl. 0:00

- Legal Options for Addressing High Seas Bottom trawling. Where fishing takes place on the high seas, international regulation is vague, international governance is minimal or non-existent, and reporting is patchy. This gap in current...

CITES Factsheet: Minke Whales

Rapport/dokument | 1. oktober, 2004 kl. 0:00

Following the disastrous impacts of whaling during the 20th century, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) suspended commercial whaling in 1986. CITES has supported the work of the IWC by agreeing to list those whales protected by the IWC on...

Rapport: Chemicals beyond control

Rapport/dokument | 15. september, 2004 kl. 0:00

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