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Klima og energi



Renewable Energy and Climate Change

Rapport/dokument | 2. november, 2006 kl. 0:00

It is a truism that we cannot continue forever consuming the earth’s finite energy resources. In the long term, the world’s energy system will be supplied completely by renewable energy sources. Unfortunately ‘in the long term’ isn’t good enough.

How much Climate Change can we bear?

Rapport/dokument | 2. november, 2006 kl. 0:00

Scientific knowledge is increasing constantly and improving our understanding of the likely changes that will come from rising global temperatures and the assessment keeps getting worse. A Greenpeace Briefing for the Climate Negotiations in...

Et nordisk energiscenario

Rapport/dokument | 15. juni, 2006 kl. 0:00

Greenpeace bud på en bæredygtig energiudvikling i Norden. Den korte version.

Tarjei Haaland indstillet til Nordisk Råds Natur- og Miljøpris 2006

Rapport/dokument | 2. maj, 2006 kl. 19:36

Greenpeace energi- og klimamedarbejder Tarjei Haaland er indstillet af en række politikere som kandidat til Nordisk Råds Natur- og Miljøpris 2006 på baggrund af sit arbejde mod menneskeskabte klimaforandringer og gennem en målrettet indsats for...

Hazardous Chemicals in Precipitation

Rapport/dokument | 1. maj, 2006 kl. 12:09

Greenpeace study showing that rainwater in three European countries is polluted with a range of hazardous chemicals. Scientists analysed 50 samples of rainwater collected by Greenpeace across the Netherlands, with secondary sampling from...

A Viable Energy Strategy for the Nordic Countries 2006-2030

Rapport/dokument | 18. april, 2006 kl. 15:43

Nordic energy scenario demonstrate that CO2-emissions can be reduced 67% in 2030 (compared to 1990) in parallel with nuclear power phase-out in Sweden and Finland til 2025.

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