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Eating Up The Amazon

Rapport/dokument | 7. april, 2006 kl. 0:00

In this report we illustrate the soya crisis through the example of two key global players: Cargill (possibly the largest private company in the world) in the Amazon and McDonald’s (the largest fast food company in the world) in Europe. We...

Intact Forest Landscapes

Rapport/dokument | 21. marts, 2006 kl. 17:31

Until now, world maps have not been sufficiently accurate or consistent to reveal which forest areas remain intact, which have been damaged and to what extent. This has made it difficult to see which forest areas are most in need of...

DLH & tt Timber Group merger

Rapport/dokument | 27. januar, 2006 kl. 15:23

Greenpeace position paper on the merger of DLH and tt Timber Group.

Illegal logging in Cameroon

Rapport/dokument | 16. december, 2005 kl. 14:27

Illegalt fældet regnskov i Cameroon

Trading away our last ancient forests

Rapport/dokument | 2. december, 2005 kl. 0:00

The threats to forests from trade liberalization under the WTO Vast tracts of ancient forest around the world stand on the brink of extinction. 10 million hectares are vanishing every year, or a soccer pitch every two seconds. This updated...

Millennium + 5 Summit

Rapport/dokument | 12. september, 2005 kl. 0:00

Decisions to be taken at the Millennium + 5 Summit will not only focus on UN reform and the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, but also on how to deliver peace in the face of new security threats, including the threat posed by...

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